SCCM 2012 windows 10 OSD error : unable to read task sequence configuration disk

If you to try to deploy windows 10 with SCCM 2012, and you got this OSD error : "unable to read task sequence configuration disk" , try one of these solutions :

1- Network drivers: you need to inject the correct network drivers to the Boot wim

2- USB 3.0: Make sure that you that your winPE didn't boot on USB 3.0, or inject drivers of 3.0 usb in the WinpE to deploy windows 10

3- Use of C: letter by the boot media! : It’s the most common error of OSD error! Indeed, if we fix the stepp of install windows 10 task sequence on c: letter and this letter is also used, we can got several OSD errors

4-Hard disk drivers: Even of most of hard disk are compatible, but I can be the cause of the error.

5-If you use a Network Storage (SAN), the WINPE place files on and it didn’t found it when the Build of windows 10 started! So disable network storage before stating OSD, and enabled it when windows 10 are correctly installed 

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